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EEE Group services is a leading immigration consultant with expertise in tourist visa, study visa, permanent residency for skilled workers. It assists in immigrating to Canada, Australia, the USA, UK, NZ.

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Mission & Vision

Here at EEE Group , our ICCRC licensed immigration professionals have an extensive amount of experience in the areas where an applicant will be successfully receiving their permanent residence in Canada.

The first basic step is to determine the stream that would be the best suit for you after a critical preliminary screening is accomplished by our experts. This is regarded as a vital step towards achieving the goal of successful application processing and it is as well something we do not take with levity hand. We understand that the difference between success and failure is embedded therein.

After a successful screening of you as an applicant, the outcomes are made available to the potential applicant and a strategy for a permanent residency will be developed to make sure that the client does not only have the knowledge of the process but also actively involved. But in case, if you don’t qualify for any program at the time of your screening, we will let you know the facts of matter and you attain more education and experience to be eligible to file a strong and successful immigration application. You can trust us that your Visa application will be processed with utmost care as we realize that someone’s dream life is represented there in.